Smooth Rock Falls

L'Histoire de Smooth Rock Falls et les évènements qui se déroulent en ville./ The history of Smooth Rock Falls and the Current Events Happening in town.

Smooth Rock Falls Then & Now / Smooth Rock Falls Passé et Présent


Bienvenue/ Welcome - to the Rock:

I would like to welcome all visitors to the Unofficial website of Smooth Rock Falls! / J'amerais souhaiter la bienvenue à tous les visiteurs du site web non-officiel de Smooth Rock Falls!


Smooth Rock Falls promotes healthy living and outdoor activities year round.

For the ice fishermen/ women:  You can purchase live minnows on Ross St. and on tighway 11 just west of town.


Buying or Selling a Vehicle, Boat, ATV or Trailer?

Please be advised that the rules on selling used vehicles and trailers has changed!  You must use a receipt from Service Ontario because hand written receipts are no longer legal.  Save yourself the hassle and get a receipt before looking to buy or sell your ATV, boat, trailer, or vehicle.

Service Ontario is located at ACE Hardware in Smooth Rock Falls.  Opens at 1 pm.


Support the local economy; buy it in Smooth Rock Falls! Check the BLOG for up to date news about events.


  Home of the Smooth Truck Fest.


Average Temperatures

For Winter Sports Lovers, although Timmins ranks 2nd by Environment Canada for 

The Greatest average snow depth January 31 ( the deepest median daily snow depth on January 31)  there is more snow in Smooth Rock Falls and it lasts longer than in Timmins.


The highest and lowest temperatures for Kapuskasing (closest to Smooth Rock Falls), and greatest participation (or snowfall):

January 6th:

Highest Temperature (2001-2011)                  4.4 °C 2008
Lowest Temperature (2001-2011) -39.8 °C 2004
Most Snow on the Ground (2001-2011) 37.0 cm  

 In February, the average snow depth is approximately 70 cm or 27.5 inches.

August 6th:

Highest Temperature (2001-2010) 33.8 °C 2001
Lowest Temperature (2001-2010) 1.4 °C 2004
Greatest Precipitation (2001-2009) 6.1 mm


Thinking of Moving to Smooth Rock? You'll like it here!

We have many recreational clubs and activities in town to keep you busy.  There is Bowling, Golfing, Snowmobiling and ATVing, Fishing and Hunting, Art Centerand Horticulture, Historical Society/Museum and Senior's Living, Curling, Exercise and Education, Canoeing and Kayaking, and so much more right here in Smooth Rock!

Do you run your business at home?  Smooth Rock Falls is a great place to raise your children while providing all the technology that will allow you to run your home-based business.  Visit us to see what a great town we have!


What makes a community a great place to live?  LINK

2011 Census Results.  LINK

Check out all the Real Estate Listings.

NorthernTel provides telephone, cellular, and high speed internet service.

Persona and Bell Satellite provide cable television standard and High Definition.

Hydro One provides electricity to the region.

Union Gas supplies natural gas for home heating and cooling.

Canada Post supplies mail boxes, free to residents, at the full service postal outlet.

There is curb garbage pick-up and a town dump, permits for the dump must be purchased annually from the Town Hall for $25.

Health Care is provided by The SRF Hospital, The Falls Medical Clinic (beside the hospital) , and IDA Pharmacy.   The Porcupine Health unit  serves the community and Homecare is provided by Community Care Access Centre.

Travel in Town:  is by Car/ Truck, bicycle, scooter or walking.  (The whole town is within walking distance for an able bodied person.) Seniors On The Move transportation is available.  School bus services provided.

Travel outside Smooth Rock Falls on the Ontario Northland Bus or Train Connection in Cochrane.

The Ontario Northland Bus agency, and Service Ontario, are now located at the Ace Hardware building beside the Royal Bank on 2nd Ave!

Don't want to travel the highway?  Many businesses in town (and in surrounding towns) will take an order and have it delivered to you or delivered to a local business.

The Kapuskasing Airport is only 40 minutes away or the  Timmins Airport is only an hour away.

For all the town's businesses, check the LINKS section of this website.


Note:  This website also includes links to businesses in Cochrane, Timmins, and Kap.  If your business isn't listed, send me a link.  :)

Pam Dallaire